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  • Wednesday 2-9pm
  • Thursday 2-9pm
  • Friday 2-10pm
  • Saturday 2-10pm
  • Sunday noon-6pm

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About Stronghold Brewing Co

Stronghold Brewing Co. is a family owned and operated craft brewery and taproom. The taproom serves the beer that is brewed in-house, and will always have an approachable beer or two on tap. There are also experimental and fun styles for seasoned craft drinkers, and non-alcoholic options available. Minors are welcome as long as they are accompanied by their guardian. 

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Bison & Crown   (3.69/5)

Style: Cream Ale

ABV: 5.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Bison & Crown - Brewed In Calgary AB

IPA Toucans (IPA II)   (3.66/5)

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.3%    IBU: 75

Link Back: IPA Toucans (IPA II) - Brewed In Calgary AB

Interstellar Stout   (3.76/5)

Style: Stout - American

ABV: 5.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Interstellar Stout - Brewed In Calgary AB

Pink Guava Pils   (3.9/5)

A delicious tropical fruit beer utilizing the ultra refreshing Pilsner and adding litres of fresh pink guava puree.

Style: Pilsner - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Pink Guava Pils - Brewed In Calgary AB

Summer Wheat   (3.85/5)

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Summer Wheat - Brewed In Calgary AB

Gold Rush   (3.56/5)

Unlike most beers, there is no barley in Gold Rush. The grain bill largely consists of oat and wheat to create a full bodied beer with a silky mouthfeel and a touch of tang.

We generously dry hopped this beer with some of our favourite hops, including Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and the golden one itself, El Dorado. This combination creates a tropical, zesty, juicy brew as flavours of white wine, gooseberry, lime, pineapple and pear come together with another IPA buzzword, Foggy London, for our juiciest IPA to date.

Style: IPA - White / Wheat

ABV: 4.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Gold Rush - Brewed In Calgary AB

Brut Mimosa IPA   (3.86/5)

Style: IPA - Brut

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Brut Mimosa IPA - Brewed In Calgary AB

1907 Session Ale   (3.65/5)

Style: IPA - Session

ABV: 4.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: 1907 Session Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

Cowboy Common   (3.63/5)

Style: California Common

ABV: 5.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Cowboy Common - Brewed In Calgary AB

Spirit Bear   (3.53/5)

Spirit Bear is a full bodied and rich 7% white stout. We conditioned the brew on tonka beans (which present notes of cherry & almond), chocolate, and vanilla.

Style: Stout - White / Golden

ABV: 7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Spirit Bear - Brewed In Calgary AB

Jungle King   (3.71/5)

Jungle King is a golden, citrusy, dry hopped pale ale.

This beer has a biscuity and bready malt profile before sneaking up on you with complex hop notes of grapefruit, tangerine, stone fruit, and cedar.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 4.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Jungle King - Brewed In Calgary AB

Tangerine King   (3.54/5)

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Tangerine King - Brewed In Calgary AB

Vertigo DIPA   (3.85/5)

Vertigo is crazy juicy, extraordinarily aromatic, dazzlingly bright and incredibly smooth, while weighing in at 8%.

Vertigo tastes like adult five alive thanks to Lemondrop, Cashmere & Mosaic hops, which bring out notes of lemon, lime, peach, and tangerine.

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8%    IBU: 95

Link Back: Vertigo DIPA - Brewed In Calgary AB

Curtain Call   (3.69/5)

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Curtain Call - Brewed In Calgary AB

Sabro ESB   (3.79/5)

Style: Bitter - Extra Special / Strong (ESB)

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Sabro ESB - Brewed In Calgary AB

Electric Sky   (3.88/5)

Blueberry Lemonade. What more do you want? Blueberries, lemonade, summertime. YES PLEASE!

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Electric Sky - Brewed In Calgary AB

Boomtown   (3.81/5)

Boomtown is loaded with boysenberry, passionfruit, and peach making for an ultra fruity, unbelievably juicy, tropical & tangy, thirst quenching brew.

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.8%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Boomtown - Brewed In Calgary AB

Tea Time   (3.85/5)

Style: Brown Ale - American

ABV: 5.6%    IBU: 25

Link Back: Tea Time - Brewed In Calgary AB

Blackberry Gose   (3.95/5)

there’s a touch of sweet, sour & salt all wrapped up into one delicious package. We added blackberry to our brew to compliment the malt and hop profiles, resulting in a refreshing & pretty beer.

Style: Sour - Traditional Gose

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Blackberry Gose - Brewed In Calgary AB

Penny Coffee   (4.04/5)

Style: Kölsch

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Penny Coffee - Brewed In Calgary AB

Citra-Drop Session   (3.32/5)

This beer is light, crisp, and refreshing. It has a late hop surge of Citra & Lemondrop, which taste a lot like they sound. They're full of citrus notes, including grapefruit, lime, and lemon, and give the brew a tropical bitterness. Lemondrop also has a touch of sweetness, almost like lemon meringue pie.

Style: IPA - Belgian

ABV: 4.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Citra-Drop Session - Brewed In Calgary AB

Haskap Jamboree   (3.98/5)

We love the tart, almost raspberry like flavour of haskaps and decided that it was time for another haskap ale.

We added litres of local haskap juice to the boil to create a refreshing, juicy, and fun mild sour.

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 4.3%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Haskap Jamboree - Brewed In Calgary AB

Forma Foothills Pils   (3.55/5)

Style: Pilsner - German

ABV: 5.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Forma Foothills Pils - Brewed In Calgary AB

Crop Top   (Unrated)

Mojito Session

Style: Other

ABV: 0%    IBU: 4

Link Back: Crop Top - Brewed In Calgary AB

Dark Secret Pomegranate Porter   (Unrated)

Please welcome our first beer of 2022, Dark Secret Pomegranate Porter.

This brew is complex. It starts off malty with caramel and biscuit notes, but finishes with a tangy, yet somehow also sweet, pomegranate punch.

This beer is refreshing, fruity, and honestly, kinda ugly. It’s not our most photogenic brew, but we swear it has a great personality.  

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Dark Secret Pomegranate Porter - Brewed In Calgary AB

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