YYCaesarfest 2024
The home of the Caesar presents the most Canadian long weekend plan ever! Join us at the Big Four Building for a weekend of Caesars, craft beer, cider, spirits, food, and a ton of fun!


Calgary Brewery Tours

Visit Calgary Breweries

popular methods

Explore some of the best way to visit Calgary Breweries all around the city from our partners and friends.

Guided, Currated Brewery Tours (with transportaion)

These tours are the full experience. The tour operators take care of everything for you.
They change up the brewery list every month, so you CANNOT get bored!
Just meet their pickup vehicle (gernerally a limo-bus style vehicle) right by a central Transit station, hop aboard and they take care of the rest. Well, you have to raise your glasses of beer, of course ;)

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Walking Guided Tours

Walking guided tours offer the most exposure to the city and communities you visit during your tours. These tours typically last 2 hours. They also go all year unless it's minus 39 or something.

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Self-Guided Walking/Biking Tours

Self-Guided Walking or Biking Tours are essentially a build your own brewery crawl. There are no limits beyond what you can handle.
Psssstt! They're FREE!

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Dutch Party Bike Guided Tours

Dutch Party Bike Guided Tours are the coolest (and maybe warmest) way to tour some breweries. You can jump in with a friend and meet some new, like minded people, or you can arrange a private trip with up 14 of your friends. Think limo-bike, but on a POWER ASSISTED E-bike for 15.

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Currated Self Guided Bike Tours

Currated Self Guided Bike Tours are a little add-on to your normal "Bike Rental" service. With these tours you're on your own, but have a preset map, with some great advice to enjoy your trip. These are a great way to go exploring a little, but still have enough guidance not to be overwhelmed.

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Individual Brewery, behind the scenes Tours

Individual Brewery, behind the scenes Tours are the actual brewery tours where you book a timeslot and show up at the brewery for a staff guided in-depth tour of the manufacturing process. Usually It's just one at a time, and they could be private or with a group. Here you are almost guarenteed to meet the brewers and get inside information about your favorite brews.

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