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Annex Ale Project

A small brewery for big talk, bold plans, and potential (mis)adventure.
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  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 3 - 9p.m.
  • Wednesday 3 - 9p.m.
  • Thursday 3 - 10p.m.
  • Friday 1 - 11p.m.
  • Saturday 12 - 11p.m.
  • Sunday 12 - 6p.m.

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About Annex Ale Project


Annex Ale Project is devoted to good beer and great conversations. We're curious and unconventional and every beer we brew is the result of serious experimentation. For a long time, we've wanted to make the kind of beer that would appeal to beer drinkers and big thinkers. Now that's all we do.

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Forward Progress   (3.79/5)

An aroma-forward Pale Ale, hopped with Citra and Mosaic varietals. It's our take on the classic North American Pale Ale, with a hoppy bouquet and a long, harmonious finish: progressive, sessionable, and full of flavour.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Forward Progress - Brewed In Calgary AB

Force Majeure   (3.88/5)

Featuring Cryo Mosaic, Bru-1 and Vic Secret Hops, hazy, dank, resinous, with citrus, mango, and passion fruit aromas. This double dry-hopped NE style IPA might be our best yet!

Style: IPA - New England

ABV: 6.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Force Majeure - Brewed In Calgary AB

Metes & Bounds   (3.68/5)

To understand the space this beer occupies in the brewing landscape, all you have to do is walk its boundaries. Begin at the corner that values flavour above all else. Continue to the unmistakable aromas of a great IPA. Keep going until you sense the balance of a pale ale. Then arrive back where you started, and do another lap.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 6%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Metes & Bounds - Brewed In Calgary AB

Paradise Found   (3.71/5)

Tart with a biscuit/bread note on the finish. The ginger greets you right up front but is subtle and complimentary to the sour notes. Not overly aggressive in its pallet. This beer is a perfect summer drink. Would pair well with cucumber, peaches, salads, and hot summer nights. Very mild aroma. Notes of lemon peel, coriander, orange, toast, ginger, lemongrass, and pineapple.

Style: Sour - Berliner Weisse

ABV: 6.4%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Paradise Found - Brewed In Calgary AB

Good Authority   (3.62/5)

Light and easy drinking golden ale thoughtfully dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo. Aromas of sweet orange and zesty lemon. Balanced bitterness with a quick finish.

Style: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 25

Link Back: Good Authority - Brewed In Calgary AB

Mackinaw Peaches!   (3.91/5)

Packed full of fresh peaches, lactic tartness, and Seinfeld references. Contains Lactose

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 6.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Mackinaw Peaches! - Brewed In Calgary AB

Zenosyne North American Black Ale   (3.7/5)

Aroma forward North American black ale hopped with Vic Secret and Mosaic. Despite its dark colour, this beer has a light body and features aromas of citrus, tropical fruit and pine with a subtle roastiness.

Style: IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Zenosyne North American Black Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

Labour Party   (3.79/5)

Pineapple / Blood Orange Ale

Style: Fruit Beer

ABV: 4.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Labour Party - Brewed In Calgary AB

Pity Party   (3.85/5)

Inspired by the sad Shirley Temple, this kettle sour has been loaded up with orange, lemon, lime and sweet cherry puree. It drinks like a sour version of Tahiti Treat. At 8.7% it's a good thing you've got nowhere to go anyway.

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 8.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Pity Party - Brewed In Calgary AB

Root Beer   (4.26/5)

Craft Root Beer made straight from the botanicals. Ingredients include molasses, wintergreen, liquorice root and sarsaparilla. The first product every produced by Annex.

Style: Root Beer

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Root Beer - Brewed In Calgary AB

Original Echoes   (3.98/5)

Brewed with London Hazy Yeast and double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy and Cryo Citra.Featuring aromas of Mango, Guava, Starbursts, and Lemon Zest.

Style: IPA - New England

ABV: 6.8%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Original Echoes - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ancient Astronauts   (3.97/5)

This beer floats just outside the orbit of a typical IPA. Notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple collide for a balanced finish that errs on the sweet side. Cheers to the infinite void. Exclusive beer with Alcanna.

Style: IPA - Milkshake

ABV: 6.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Ancient Astronauts - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ship Shape   (3.79/5)

This malty German lager is the beer version of the place where everyone knows your name. It features notes of taffy, caramel, plums, figs, raisins and a sweet bready finish.

Style: Lager - Munich Dunkel

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Ship Shape - Brewed In Calgary AB

Bad Boy Club Brett Saison   (4.05/5)

Brewed in collaboration 2 Crows Collaboration this is our first mixed fermentation release! This Foudre-aged Brett Saison features a wide range of orchard stone fruit, with some of the requisite saison spiciness. A distinct barnyard quality from the brett strain, along with a light tartness.

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 8.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Bad Boy Club Brett Saison - Brewed In Calgary AB

Mixed Metaphor   (3.81/5)

Raspberry & Plum kettle sour.Featuring a brilliant red colour, this single kettle sour features a huge raspberry aroma complemented by plum and a balanced lactic tartness.

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Mixed Metaphor - Brewed In Calgary AB

Howling Fantods (2020)   (4.21/5)

Back like a boomerang, this beer’s a nod to the canine-crumbling nightmares of our first year. It’s also the bright product of the dark arts that let us push hop solubility to its limits.

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Howling Fantods (2020) - Brewed In Calgary AB

Better Days   (3.63/5)

At 4.2% Better Days is a malt-forward amber lager featuring Vienna Malt from Origin Malting located in in Strathmore. With an elegant herbal and nutty aroma, it is lightly carbonated with subtle orange peel notes and balanced sweetness.

Style: Lager - Vienna

ABV: 4.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Better Days - Brewed In Calgary AB

Fellow Human   (3.93/5)

Fellow Human was aged for just under 9 months in our American Oak Foeders. It was hit with a secondary lacto strain, which is quite subtle due to this fresh wood. Near the end, 100 fresh pineapples were thrown in because it seemes like a good number. This beer has an exquisite balance between saison fruit and phelonics, semi-assertive American Oak, a hint of lacto on the nose and it finishes bone dry with a subtle touch of pineapple.

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 7.1%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Fellow Human - Brewed In Calgary AB

Co-Hop Coconut Porter   (3.7/5)

Warm, rich and reminiscent of Calgary winters spent dreaming of the tropics, we brewed this Porter for our friends at Co-op - which might just be the best thing to do with a lovely bunch of toasted coconut.

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Co-Hop Coconut Porter - Brewed In Calgary AB

Retracted Resolution Belgian Dubbel   (3.85/5)

Dark brown hue, with powerful Belgian tones.

Style: Belgian Dubbel

ABV: 7.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Retracted Resolution Belgian Dubbel - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ego Death 2020   (3.97/5)

Style: Stout - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Ego Death 2020 - Brewed In Calgary AB

Etceteras   (4.07/5)

We are thrilled to introduce Etceteras, a Solera style Brett Saison. We brewed this with trace amounts of rye, a very light hop bill, Saison yeast, Brett left over from Bad Boy Club and no shortage of time to develop significant complexity. Etceteras has a beautiful bouquet of barnyard, oak, rye spiciness, apple, pear, and a gentle but clean lactic acidity. It finishes bone dry with a substantial lightly charred oak finish. This beer proudly struts in through the front door at 7.3% and invites itself to dinner.

Style: Brett Beer

ABV: 7.3%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Etceteras - Brewed In Calgary AB

Hy Five   (3.67/5)

Craft brewed exclusively for the Hy Five restaurant in Canmore, Alberta. It’s light, refreshing and easy drinking.

Style: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Hy Five - Brewed In Calgary AB

Saskatoon Lemonade   (3.42/5)

Style: Non-Alcoholic Beer

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Saskatoon Lemonade - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ginger Beer   (4.17/5)

Style: Non-Alcoholic Beer

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Ginger Beer - Brewed In Calgary AB

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