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Inner City Brewing

Inner City is a place of unexpected connections.
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Brewery Hours :

  • Monday 11a.m. - 10p.m.
  • Tuesday 11a.m. - 10p.m.
  • Wednesday 11a.m. - 11p.m.
  • Thursday 11a.m. - 12a.m.
  • Friday 11a.m. - 12a.m.
  • Saturday 11a.m. - 12a.m.
  • Sunday 11a.m. - 10p.m.

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About Inner City Brewing

Inner City is a place of unexpected connections.

Where the weird and wonderful interact. Where new ideas reinvent old neighbourhoods. Where cultures mix and mingle. It's energetic, eclectic and inclusive.

It's the heart of the city, it's our home and it's where we brew.

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Sunnyside Extra Pale Ale   (3.48/5)

Tropical fruit layered over hints of pine. Subdued malt with a little more body than you’ll typically find in this style of beer.

Style: Pale Ale - XPA (Extra Pale)

ABV: 5%    IBU: 70

Link Back: Sunnyside Extra Pale Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

A Day In Bruges   (3.32/5)

Style: Pale Ale - Belgian

ABV: 6.2%    IBU: 35

Link Back: A Day In Bruges - Brewed In Calgary AB

The 800 Block   (3.59/5)

Hazy, Hazy, Hazy. Big juicy stone fruit and tropical aromas supported with a light earthy dankness and sharp notes of pine. So smooth and crush-able. Firm bitterness that lingers lightly on the tongue but doesn't interfere with the onslaught of hoppy goodness. The malt supports with hints of bread crust.

Style: IPA - New England / Hazy

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 75

Link Back: The 800 Block - Brewed In Calgary AB

Bridgelandia   (3.64/5)

A modern blonde ale; hazy, big & juicy hops and light malt charter. Tropical fruit explodes at you from the glass supported by a light bready malt. Smooth and easy drinking with a light bitterness.

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Bridgelandia - Brewed In Calgary AB

Hub & Spoke   (3.5/5)

A classic amber lager beer. A rich but soft malt character layered with a lightly spicy and herbal hop note leads to a lightly dry and crisp finish that leaves you wanting more.

Style: Lager - Vienna

ABV: 4.4%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Hub & Spoke - Brewed In Calgary AB

Brickworks   (3.56/5)

The ultimate beer for a hard day’s work. Sessionable but full of flavour. Layered malts bring hints of chocolate, toffee and dark fruit that disappear quickly from your palate making room for the next sip.

Style: Mild - Other

ABV: 4.3%    IBU: 25

Link Back: Brickworks - Brewed In Calgary AB

Victoria Park   (3.75/5)

This style of beer became the first mass-produced beer during the industrial revolution in London; it became known as Porter after the common labourers in the city. The style all but disappeared after WWI but has recently reappeared as part of the Craft Beer movement. Made from traditional English malts and hops, this beer is dark and complex with hints of chocolate, toffee, and bready caramel.

Style: Porter - English

ABV: 4.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Victoria Park - Brewed In Calgary AB

Trolls Toll Bridge   (3.64/5)

Brewed in the traditional trolls toll bridge style of the early 1500's this classic Bavarian "bread beer" is a crisp lager with a strong malt background. Brown and beautiful this beer delivers on a traditional level. Light biscuit gives way to hints of chocolate. If you can cross the bock bridge you must pay the troll's toll.

Style: Bock - Single / Traditional

ABV: 5.6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Trolls Toll Bridge - Brewed In Calgary AB

Heart of the City   (3.48/5)

Bavarian Helles lager

Style: Lager - Helles

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Heart of the City - Brewed In Calgary AB

Community Garden Saison   (3.58/5)

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 6.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Community Garden Saison - Brewed In Calgary AB

On the Stoop   (3.75/5)

In the German beer family there are lots of strange and interesting cousins, but only one stately older uncle with a long and storied history like this. This style of beer has been around for hundreds of years, produced throughout Bavaria before the lighter Oktoberfest and Pilsner styles were even invented. Made with a blend of light and dark Munich malts and lagered for a minimum of 30 days.

Style: Lager - Munich Dunkel

ABV: 5.4%    IBU: 22

Link Back: On the Stoop - Brewed In Calgary AB

Soapbox Preacher   (3.69/5)

Style: Belgian Tripel

ABV: 9.4%    IBU: 32

Link Back: Soapbox Preacher - Brewed In Calgary AB

Colour the City   (3.67/5)

Kettle Sour

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Colour the City - Brewed In Calgary AB

Slide Into the City   (3.63/5)

A Modern West Coast IPA with a malt backbone and notes of tropical citrus.

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 8%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Slide Into the City - Brewed In Calgary AB

Silde Into the Sea   (3.57/5)

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.4%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Silde Into the Sea - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ramsau   (3.49/5)

A modern Bavarian lager. Classic soft lager malt character with hints of honey and graham crackers. Lightly spicy noble hops.

Style: Festbier

ABV: 4.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Ramsau - Brewed In Calgary AB

Brick Alley   (3.5/5)

The more traditional version of our Brickworks. A traditional session ale from the North West of England.

Style: Mild - Other

ABV: 3.6%    IBU: 20

Link Back: Brick Alley - Brewed In Calgary AB

Lights of the City   (3.74/5)

Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook. 1st Anniversary Brew. Malty!

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 7.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Lights of the City - Brewed In Calgary AB

The Road Home   (3.58/5)

Ginger snap porter

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 6%    IBU: 0

Link Back: The Road Home - Brewed In Calgary AB

Collectively Smashed   (3.68/5)

This is the first collaboration beer from the Central Beer District. Trolley 5, Brewsters, Last Best, Mill Street and Inner City Brewing came together to brew this slightly eccentric Oatmeal Stout. The Kveik yeast-derived fruit character takes center stage in this beer, rounded out by rich dark malt character. Hints of orchard fruit on the nose complement cocoa, light roast and earthy flavours, while the generous use of oatmeal imparts a thick and creamy body. The perfect holiday beer. Cheers!

Style: Stout - Oatmeal

ABV: 6.5%    IBU: 50

Link Back: Collectively Smashed - Brewed In Calgary AB

Summer Body   (3.49/5)

They doubled everything in their helles.

Style: Bock - Hell / Maibock / Lentebock

ABV: 5.9%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Summer Body - Brewed In Calgary AB

Bad Seeds   (3.62/5)

New Bruin

Style: Sour - Flanders Oud Bruin

ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Bad Seeds - Brewed In Calgary AB

Colour the City Pink   (3.83/5)


Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 5.7%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Colour the City Pink - Brewed In Calgary AB

Rooftop Modern Lager   (3.56/5)

Style: Lager - American

ABV: 6.1%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Rooftop Modern Lager - Brewed In Calgary AB

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