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Piston Broke Brewing

Brooks, Alberta's first craft brewery
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Brewery Hours :

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 11am - 830pm
  • Wednesday 11am - 830pm
  • Thursday 11am - 830pm
  • Friday 11am - 1030pm
  • Saturday 11am - 1030pm
  • Sunday 1pm - 7pm

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About Piston Broke Brewing

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Brews by Piston Broke Brewing (click a brew to toggle info)

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Smokestack   (3.53/5)

Style: IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

ABV: 6.5%    IBU: 71

Link Back: Smokestack - Brewed In Brooks AB

Raspbiscus   (3.71/5)

Fruited blonde ale

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.1%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Raspbiscus - Brewed In Brooks AB

Righty Tighty (ON TAP!)  (3.51/5)

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Righty Tighty - Brewed In Brooks AB

Parts   (3.51/5)

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 40

Link Back: Parts - Brewed In Brooks AB

Crossthread Red   (3.47/5)

Style: Red Ale - Irish

ABV: 5%    IBU: 17

Link Back: Crossthread Red - Brewed In Brooks AB

Tiki Torque   (3.74/5)

With an incredible tropical aroma, this flavourful IPA is excellently balanced between bitterness and its Passion Fruit, Guava, and Blood Orange tropical flavours.

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.6%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Tiki Torque - Brewed In Brooks AB

Branding Beer   (3.6/5)

Moderate in carbonation, this light refreshing blonde ale is smooth and a great outside summer beer.

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Branding Beer - Brewed In Brooks AB

Drive Lime With Ginger   (3.16/5)

Lime on the nose front end, ginger to the pallet. Smooth easy Wheat Ale base.

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Drive Lime With Ginger - Brewed In Brooks AB

Piston Porter   (3.66/5)

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Piston Porter - Brewed In Brooks AB

Kickin’ Back   (3.35/5)

Style: Pilsner - Other

ABV: 4%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Kickin’ Back - Brewed In Brooks AB

SMaSH #1   (3.33/5)

Using only Canadian ingredients, the SMaSH has a light, easy-drinking malt flavour from Red Shed's New Dale malt, and a subtle melon flavour from hops out of British Columbia.

Style: IPA - Session / India Session Ale

ABV: 4.8%    IBU: 50

Link Back: SMaSH #1 - Brewed In Brooks AB

Piston Broke Road Warrior   (3.62/5)

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.3%    IBU: 48

Link Back: Piston Broke Road Warrior - Brewed In Brooks AB

Dually   (3.72/5)

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Dually - Brewed In Brooks AB

Leaky Lemon   (3.57/5)

A beer with Lemon tartness

Style: Shandy / Radler

ABV: 4.2%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Leaky Lemon - Brewed In Brooks AB

Ol' Smokey   (3.64/5)

Style: Rauchbier

ABV: 5.8%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Ol' Smokey - Brewed In Brooks AB

Pit Stop Apricot   (3.31/5)

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Pit Stop Apricot - Brewed In Brooks AB

Oatsmobile Brown   (3.65/5)

Style: Brown Ale - American

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Oatsmobile Brown - Brewed In Brooks AB

Barmaid's Burden   (3.64/5)

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.6%    IBU: 5

Link Back: Barmaid's Burden - Brewed In Brooks AB

Piston Pivot Beergarita   (3.77/5)

Beer Lime Vodka

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 7.3%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Piston Pivot Beergarita - Brewed In Brooks AB

Rosé Radler   (3.52/5)

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 3.5%    IBU: 5

Link Back: Rosé Radler - Brewed In Brooks AB

Majestic Unicorn   (Unrated)

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Majestic Unicorn - Brewed In Brooks AB

Bar Down Blonde Ale   (Unrated)

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 5

Link Back: Bar Down Blonde Ale - Brewed In Brooks AB

Peanut Butter Cup Porter   (Unrated)

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Peanut Butter Cup Porter - Brewed In Brooks AB

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