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  • Monday 3-9pm
  • Tuesday 3-9pm
  • Wednesday 3-9pm
  • Thursday 3-9pm
  • Friday 12-10
  • Saturday 12-10
  • Sunday 12 -6pm

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About Cabin Brewing Company

Cabin Brewing Company is a brewery, taproom and getaway in the heart of Calgary's growing brewing district, The Barley Belt.

We serve our craft beer, brewed on site, and pair it with a selection of hot and cold food items including New Zealand-style hot meat pies, warm pretzels with dipping sauces and cheese and charcuterie boards.

Take the time to relax with friends and family in our comfortable 45-seat taproom, or settle in with a book or a board game. You are welcome to bring the whole family; we have Lego, high chairs, kids snacks and a change table so even the smallest members of the Cabin family are comfortable.

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Super Saturation   (3.99/5)

Style: Pale Ale - New England / Hazy

ABV: 6%    IBU: 40

Link Back: Super Saturation - Brewed In Calgary AB

Sunshine Rain   (3.82/5)

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 60

Link Back: Sunshine Rain - Brewed In Calgary AB

Retrospectrum   (3.72/5)

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 40

Link Back: Retrospectrum - Brewed In Calgary AB

Super Duper Saturation   (4.19/5)

Just like Super Saturation but even more super! More hops, more malt, more haze, more heft, more mmmmmmm. Look up juicy in the dictionary and you’ll find this beer.

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

ABV: 8%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Super Duper Saturation - Brewed In Calgary AB

Luminosity   (3.74/5)

Our first beer this year rises from 2020’s ashes, glowing gold and shining bright.

Luminosity German Pils is the antidote to the year that was. It’s a simple, easy-drinking lager crafted in the German brewing tradition - one defined by balance, quality ingredients and drinkability.

It’s crisp, dry and has long-lasting bready malt notes. You’ll notice delightful spicy and floral aromas and a low to medium bitterness that slowly builds as you drink. Hold it to the light and you’ll see the most glorious, gentle golden hue. You’ll want the luminous light to wash over you like a baptisim of hope, but don’t linger too long – afterall, this is a beer made for drinking.


Style: Pilsner - German

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 40

Link Back: Luminosity - Brewed In Calgary AB

Total Saturation   (4.27/5)

How saturated in aroma and flavour can one beer be? We found ourselves pondering that exact question with our good friends at Collective Craft Beer Shop and decided to find out.

To build a big beer, you need wheat, lots of it. And oats, boatloads. Then all the pils malt and flaked barley you can get your hands on. But your beer can’t be totally saturated until you’ve overflown the kettle with as many hops as you can muster.

For this beer, we used Yakima Chief's Cryo Pop Hop Blend, a hop medley of the most delicious sticky compounds, cryogenically frozen to extract all that concentrated lupulin - the aromatic stuff that makes Saturation beers smell so damned saturated. You’ll get mind-boggling notes of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit and as the name suggests, the aroma truly pops from the glass.

And for an extra pop of colour, we opted for Summit Labels’ new fluorescent ink labels, which are vibrant during the day, but really come alive at night under a black light.

We’re totally proud – and a little intimidated if we’re being honest – to present Total Saturation Triple NEIPA, our biggest, boldest, most aromatic and flavourful hazy beer to date. It’s a ten percenter that drinks like a sixer, with a texture as fluffy as cotton ball clouds and aromas that will waft over you for an eternity.

How saturated in aroma and flavour can one beer be? The answer is Total Saturation.

Style: IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

ABV: 10%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Total Saturation - Brewed In Calgary AB

Cool As   (3.67/5)

This beer is tart, dry and super refreshing with layers of complex lime flavours and aromas, balanced with a cool earthy undertone from the cucumber. Making this beer was fun! We hand-peeled 300 pounds of Alberta-grown cucumbers, and zested and juiced 200 limes.

We also smashed dried Mediterranean loomi limes to give it a certain something that most lime beers do not have. Light additions of salt and coriander bring the flavours together with a long lasting bready wheat flavour.

It’s not just cool. It’s Cool As!

Style: Sour - Fruited Gose

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Cool As - Brewed In Calgary AB

Zen Garden   (3.71/5)

For our second lager we wanted to make something different. Something light and crisp, yet floral and intriguing. A glorious lager to welcome in the brighter, lighter days. Something that epitomizes zen-like calm. Zen Garden uses 100% pilsner malt from Alberta’s Origin Malting with fragrant jasmine rice added for complexity and flavour. It’s the palest of straw in colour, with slightly floral and light bready aromas. It has a crisp, clean flavour with some nuttiness on the finish from the rice. It finishes dry and crisp.

Style: Lager - Japanese Rice

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Zen Garden - Brewed In Calgary AB

Four Alive   (3.9/5)

When your get up and go has got up and gone… turn yourself back on with Four Alive!

Four Alive Fruit Sour is crisp, tart and juiiiiiiiicy! We’ve added boatloads of guava, mango, passionfruit and pineapple to create the ultimate refreshing tropical fruit flavoured tart beer – it’s like a juice box for adults!

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Four Alive - Brewed In Calgary AB

Fuego   (3.99/5)

Say hello to Luna & Fuego’s little cousin…

Just like our barrel-aged Luna & Fuego, we started with a whopping imperial stout with cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla, then spiked it with a trio of chilies – sweet ancho, tangy guajillo and smoky chipotle. We’ve transferred a bunch of this beer to tequila barrels for a long sleep (see you in winter Luna & Fuego V2!) but for now you are in good company with Fuego - it’s unoaked, unaged, all sorts of fun and ready to drink now.

The beer pours a thick, viscous black. The vanilla and cinnamon lend notes of horchata, while the cocoa and chili marry to create a decadently sweet and lingering spicy flavour.

Did we mention it’s smooth? Ridiculously so.

Style: Stout - Imperial / Double

ABV: 11.5%    IBU: 50

Link Back: Fuego - Brewed In Calgary AB

Leitmotif   (3.75/5)

Leitmotif: A short, constantly recurring musical phrase associated with a person, place or idea.

Leitmotif Gose is a classic play on the German city of Goslar’s most famous claim to fame - the classic gose beer style. It is tart and salty, with a full wheat body and crisp lemony acidity. It’s perfect for quaffing as a refreshment, but is engineered specifically to add flavoured syrup to - raspberry and mint, smoked peach, mango and habañero, cherry and cinnamon - the choice is yours! Get creative and make the flavoured gose you've always dreamed of drinking.

Style: Sour - Traditional Gose

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Leitmotif - Brewed In Calgary AB

Noble Pursuits   (3.69/5)

Bravo, you. We see you being kind. We feel your passion for fighting for the underdog. We hear you amplifying the voices that need to be heard. Those are the noble pursuits that we cherish, and to which we raise a toast.

Noble Pursuits Rye Ale (5%) is made with a melange of rich barley malts and malted rye for spice and Triumph hops, a new North American varietal with a lineage rooted in the bucolic fields of England and the noble hop farms of Germany. It defies all regular style guidelines (the best pursuits are those off the beaten path), but think of it as the malt-forward, full-flavoured ale you’ve been searching for to get you through the cooler evenings of fall.

Words and ideas can change the world, friends. Go forth and be noble, for those are the pursuits worth pursuing.

Style: Rye Beer

ABV: 5%    IBU: 35

Link Back: Noble Pursuits - Brewed In Calgary AB

Luna & Fuego (Woody Creek Rye)   (4.27/5)

Luna & Fuego Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout is the perfect winter sipper. We started with a full, luscious imperial stout and added cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla, then spiked it with two types of chilies - sweet ancho and tangy guajillo. Once fermented, the beer was transferred to Woody Creek Rye Whiskey barrels to chill happily for eight months and soak up some of those caramel notes from the barrels.

The beer pours a viscous black, with a dark brown head. The vanilla and cinnamon give notes of horchata, while the cocoa and chili marry perfectly to create a decadently sweet and lingering spicy flavour. It's impossible to tell where the warming alcohol begins and the chili heat ends. Did we mention it's smooth? Ridiculously so.

Style: Stout - Other

ABV: 11.9%    IBU: 35

Link Back: Luna & Fuego (Woody Creek Rye) - Brewed In Calgary AB

Great Expectations   (3.71/5)

There’s something special about malt-forward British beer once the weather turns. The sweet, malt. The fruity yeast. The earthy hops. It’s definitely our cup of tea, and we have high hopes that you’ll feel the same way about Great Expectations ESB (4.5%).

We’d never claim to be able to make a true British bitter - it’s taken hundreds of years to perfect that deceptively simple blend of malt, water, hops and yeast - but we’re secretly excited about our interpretation of the style.

We’ve blended British and Albertan malts, with nothing but the finest East Kent Goldings hops. You get notes of sponge toffee and golden syrup from the malt, with some earthy hop notes and faint plum and blackberry yeast esters to round it out.

Jolly good? We think so.

Style: Bitter - Extra Special / Strong (ESB)

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 25

Link Back: Great Expectations - Brewed In Calgary AB

Chroma   (4.13/5)

Introducing, a cross-border collaboration that defies the norm. With three versions of Citra hops (regular, cryo and incognito) and a healthy dose of Phantasm, Chroma Hazy IPA – made with the liquid artists at Untitled Art in Wisconsin – is intensely juicy, spectacularly nuanced, ridiculously aromatic and eminently drinkable. Such pure, intense hop character is what we believe to be the essence of hazy IPAs.

A lusciously full-bodied eight-percenter, Chroma is bursting with notes of mango, candied tangerine and passionfruit, with subtle underlying notes of Riesling wine and lychee. Intrigued? It is at its prime for drinking right now, so fill your cup and colour yourself content.

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

ABV: 8%    IBU: 30

Link Back: Chroma - Brewed In Calgary AB

Morning Sun   (3.72/5)

The golden light. The warm glow. The awakening of the day. As the seasons change, so too does your routine. From breakfast in the dark to coffee on the deck. Long sleeves to short. Hibernation to motivation.

Morning Sun Saison is a nod to the centuries-old traditions of French and Belgian farmhouse brewing, where light, refreshing ales were brewed to sustain workers toiling in hot fields.

We’ve used a farmhouse yeast strain that evokes spring with one inhale – honey, pear, citrus blossom, stone fruit and melon – and is accentuated by the floral and fruity notes of Loral and Kazbek hops.

It pairs perfectly with summer salads, creamy pasta, BBQ chicken and soft cheeses. But it also drinks exceedingly well, by itself, in the sunshine. Toil or not, you deserve it.

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 6%    IBU: 30

Link Back: Morning Sun - Brewed In Calgary AB

Into the Dark   (3.92/5)

This is a stout. No gimmicks. No adjuncts. No fruit. No lactose. No baked goods or spices or double dry-hopped tomfoolery.

Into the Dark is rich, complex and smooth. The blend of eight malts gives off roasted malt, mochaccino, chocolate and dulce de leche aromas and flavours, with underlying dark fruit notes. It’s medium-bodied with lingering sweetness, offset by a robust bitterness to make it wonderfully balanced.

Into the Dark. Yes, it’s “just a stout”. But, if we can be so bold, it’s a damn fine stout!

Style: Stout - Oatmeal

ABV: 7%    IBU: 36

Link Back: Into the Dark - Brewed In Calgary AB

Lithosphere   (3.95/5)

Occasionally a hop varietal comes along that blows the minds of even the most jaded hop head. Say hello to YCH 602. Prepare to be wowed.

To coincide with the Canadian Brewing Awards in Calgary, we collaborated with Yakima Chief Hops, Country Malt Group and Canada Malting Company to brew a tropical west coast IPA. Yeah, it’s bitter and resinous like we love our westies, but the YCH 602 hops - working title Cryo Pop Mango Blend - throws off wave after wave of juicy tropical fruit flavours like mango and papaya, along with sweet orange and bitter grapefruit. You'd swear there’s a ton of fruit in this, but it's all hops, baby! It's a wild ride from east to west, and one of the best hops we’ve brewed with.

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6.5%    IBU: 80

Link Back: Lithosphere - Brewed In Calgary AB

Troposphere   (3.91/5)

Hello world. Aren’t you smelling lovely today?

When you think of all the permutations of blends of aromas that exist in the troposphere we call home, the mind boggles.

We’ve concocted what we think is pretty close to heaven on earth. Troposphere West Coast IPA is a classic hop bomb, with a stupendously delicious modern twist. We chose two new hop varieties (Talus & HBC 586) to show what’s possible when old school IPAs get a dose of something epic.

Prepare yourself to be assaulted with notes of mango, papaya and sweet orange, with underlying herbal notes and lingering pine resin. It’s dry, with just enough malt sweetness to balance the hop kick. It’s wildly aromatic, right to the last drop.

Introduce some to your own troposphere, and smell the difference!

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 7%    IBU: 65

Link Back: Troposphere - Brewed In Calgary AB

New Dawn   (3.61/5)

Thiol-enhancing products are ushering in a new era of how we use and enjoy hops. For our second thiol-rich beer we’ve created an easy-drinking tropical ale for these long, hot days. New Dawn uses ample amounts of Cascade and Hallertau Mittelfruh in the mash – two hops that don’t usually get much hype time, but from which we coaxed an unwordly amount of flavour and aroma thanks to the thiol-enhancing properties of the Omega yeast strain. A small whirlpool addition of Ekuanot and Galaxy complement the tropical flavours. In what is a first for us in a hop-forward beer, we did not dry hop this beer, instead allowing the subtle exotic fruit notes produced by the yeast to take the spotlight.

Big notes of yuzu, passionfruit, blood orange, guava and white wine are present, balanced by a simple yet pleasant malt backbone and a glorious golden haze. Forget about yesterday’s ales – we’re approaching a new dawn for flavour. The future for hop-forward beers is now and we’re glad you can join us.

Style: Pale Ale - Other

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 28

Link Back: New Dawn - Brewed In Calgary AB

87 Steps (2022)   (3.82/5)

In celebration of YYC Neighbour Day on June 18, we’ve worked with our besties across the road at Born Brewing on two special Neighbour Day beers.

The beer is aptly named 87 Steps, the distance from front door to front door between our two breweries. Born’s neighbour got the block party started with a super tropical and crushable 4.5% hazy pale ale laced with Talus and Cashmere hops, while Cabin’s neighbour kicked the party up a notch with a glorious 7% NEIPA that is smooth, velvety and oozing with fruit and citrus notes. Same malts. Same hops. Same yeast. Very different (but fun) beer experiences.

Style: Pale Ale - New England / Hazy

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 30

Link Back: 87 Steps (2022) - Brewed In Calgary AB

Dirty Hipster   (3.71/5)

Introducing a beer that you’ve probably never heard of before: Dirty Hipster Rice Lager. In an effort to switch things up from our usual hazy routine, we made this beer crystal clear so our references don't have to be.

By adding rice to the mash (before it was cool), this beer yields a crisp cleanliness that us dirty hipsters just love. I guess if we had to put a label on it, we’d classify this beer as a post-brut non-hazy-ipa-style rice lager.

Made in collaboration with the fine folks at Routine, the original dirty hipsters of the natural scent world.

Style: Lager - American

ABV: 5%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Dirty Hipster - Brewed In Calgary AB

Summer Dreaming   (3.82/5)

Now, in winter’s twilight, we dream of warmer climes.

Step into summer with us. Our latest cold season pick-me-up provides a vision of the pleasures that lie at the end of these single digit forecasts.

Summer Dreaming Prickly Pear & Agave Gose is an explosion of colour and flavour. Pouring a vibrant pink, it fires out notes of strawberry, watermelon, candy and salt-rimmed margaritas. It’s tart like a lime, dry like the desert and as refreshing as a plunge into a mountain lake on a blistering day. One sip is all you need - but let’s be honest, you’ll probably want a lot more.

Adios, winter blahs!

Style: Sour - Fruited Gose

ABV: 4.8%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Summer Dreaming - Brewed In Calgary AB

Sour Saturation   (3.75/5)

When you drink a beer like Super Saturation NEPA for long enough, you start to look at it and think “what it…”. One of those what-ifs we’ve mused over here at Cabin was “what if it was sour”. Wonder no more friends! Say hello to Sour Saturation Dry-Hopped Sour Ale.

This tart ale has all of the juice that you know and love from our Saturation series, with a pop of sourness to make you go wowwwww. We layered in Citra, Simcoe, YCH 602 Mango Blend and Enigma hops to create exquisite tropical and citrus notes, and blended barley and oats to create a full-bodied malt backbone that tastes great and lingers a long time.

Sour Saturation is aromatic, hazy, bright and refreshing. Could this be your new summer go to? We think so!

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 5.6%    IBU: 15

Link Back: Sour Saturation - Brewed In Calgary AB

Berry Cherry Creamsicle Sour   (3.96/5)

When it comes to good beers and good times, there are none finer than the awesome folks at Field House Brewing. Their love of creamsicle sours is legend, so we joined the party with this sweet-tart collaboration brew with our friends from BC to celebrate the Canadian Brewing Awards in Calgary.

Berry Cherry Creamsicle Sour is an easy-drinking, fruit-saturated sour ale that is so outrageously hued it’ll have others in the bar saying “I’ll have what they’re having”. An unfathomable amount of blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and cherry was added to the fermenter, along with lactose sugar and vanilla, making it thick, vibrant and wonderfully aromatic. Think of a sticky jam donut with a citrus glaze and you get the picture.

Style: Sour - Fruited

ABV: 6%    IBU: 10

Link Back: Berry Cherry Creamsicle Sour - Brewed In Calgary AB

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