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  • Monday 11am-11pm
  • Tuesday 11am-11pm
  • Wednesday 11am-11pm
  • Thursday 11am-11pm
  • Friday 11am-12am
  • Saturday 11am-12am
  • Sunday 11am-10pm

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Panther Division English Stout   (3.74/5)

Dry, crisp stout.

Style: Stout - Irish Dry

ABV: 5.9%    IBU: 35

Link Back: Panther Division English Stout - Brewed In Calgary AB

Bunker Buster Raspberry Cider   (3.92/5)

Sweet and Tart.

Style: Cider - Other Fruit

ABV: 6.1%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Bunker Buster Raspberry Cider - Brewed In Calgary AB

Camoflauger   (3.54/5)

Gateway, easy drinking Kolsch. Fermented low and slow for a crisp lager profiles while retaining mild Kolsch esters.

Style: Kölsch

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 19

Link Back: Camoflauger - Brewed In Calgary AB

(USS) Kittyhawk Extra Dry Cider   (3.73/5)

Customers asked, we delivered, extra dry but crushable!

Style: Cider - Dry

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 0

Link Back: (USS) Kittyhawk Extra Dry Cider - Brewed In Calgary AB

30 Mikes   (3.45/5)

Midwest USA Style Pale Ale that is meant to be less hoppy, slight graininess, approachable and balanced. Named after the military term for "minutes" from American forces. 30 mikes = 30 minutes which is the length of time of the whirlpool hop addition.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.4%    IBU: 30

Link Back: 30 Mikes - Brewed In Calgary AB

Build the Damn Pipeline   (3.59/5)

Simcoe Edition. Build the Damn Pipeline is our "beer" message to the government that Alberta needs this pipeline for our province, family, friends and businesses. We will post the full recipe online for commercial and home brewers to make it themselves to show their support the initiative. We are hoping other brewers join us in making a unified beer with message behind it!

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.4%    IBU: 38

Link Back: Build the Damn Pipeline - Brewed In Calgary AB

Tomcat Hopped Dry Apple Cider   (3.69/5)

Dry hopped with a special blend of hops to delicately change the cider.

Style: Cider - Herbed / Spiced / Hopped

ABV: 6.2%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Tomcat Hopped Dry Apple Cider - Brewed In Calgary AB

Area 51 Experimental Keg   (3.68/5)


Style: Other

ABV: 0%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Area 51 Experimental Keg - Brewed In Calgary AB

Vines To Victory Brut IPA   (3.6/5)

Champagne meets IPA. Light, extra dry, crisp, bubbly, pleasantly hoppy IPA. Named after; the hording of champagne in German occupied France. Local Champagne winemakers and workers spent much of WW2 outfoxing the occupying forces. Following the surrender of France on 22 June 1940, the major winegrowing regions of the nation were placed under charge of the ‘weinführer,’ each with a mandate to supply the Third Reich with copious quantities of wine. Under strict orders from Berlin, the amount of Champagne he expected per week – usually for minimal compensation – was colossal (up to 400,000 bottles). Winegrowers and houses were thus compelled to mislabel and conceal as much of their stock as possible.

Style: IPA - Brut

ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 65

Link Back: Vines To Victory Brut IPA - Brewed In Calgary AB

Manchester Dry Apple Cider   (3.78/5)

Dry cider, with a slightly sweet backbone. Named after; The Avro 679 Manchester was a British twin-engine medium bomber developed and manufactured by the Avro aircraft company in the United Kingdom. While not being built in great numbers, it was the forerunner of the famed and vastly more successful four-engined Avro Lancaster, which would become one of the most capable strategic bombers of the Second World War.

Style: Cider - Dry

ABV: 5.8%    IBU: 0

Link Back: Manchester Dry Apple Cider - Brewed In Calgary AB

Regal Reserve Red Wheat Ale   (3.54/5)

Wheat beer meets red ale! Good body, malt backbone, higher alcohol that is well hidden.

Style: Red Ale - Other

ABV: 7%    IBU: 35

Link Back: Regal Reserve Red Wheat Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

Gunnerside Pale Ale   (3.49/5)

NW style pale ale reminiscent of the the early 2000's pale ales, floral with strong bitterness.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.4%    IBU: 45

Link Back: Gunnerside Pale Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

Crusader ESB   (3.58/5)

English meets American in this American style ESB. Light English malt notes, american hop dankiness and aggression. Named after the A15 Crusader Tank was one of the primary British cruiser tanks during the early part of WW2. Over 5k tanks were manufactured and made important contributions to the British victories during the North African Campaign. The chassis of the tank was later modified to create anti-aircraft, fire support, observation, communication, bulldozer and recovery vehicle variants.

Style: Bitter - Extra Special / Strong (ESB)

ABV: 6%    IBU: 50

Link Back: Crusader ESB - Brewed In Calgary AB

War Horse Citra Pale Ale   (3.7/5)

War horses changed history whether they were being used for reconnaissance, cavalry charges, raiding, communication, or supply. Horse cavalry began to be phased out after World War I, though a few horse cavalry units were still used into World War II, especially as scouts. Though the United States Army Special Forces used horses in battle during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. This pale ale showcases Citra hops at their finest, light in color, tropical and danky notes.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 40

Link Back: War Horse Citra Pale Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

100 Megaton Double IPA   (3.8/5)

This beer is big, bold, hoppy yet smooth. We dry hopped it 6 times! Named after a 100 megaton bomb which would have a total destruction blast radius of about 18 miles.

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8.6%    IBU: 100

Link Back: 100 Megaton Double IPA - Brewed In Calgary AB

Ghost Army Whole Cone Hop IPA   (3.71/5)

Laboriously made w/whole cone hops, piney, earthy, dusty. Named after; Vets of the secret ‘Ghost Army’ tasked with fooling Nazi forces about the location of allied troops in WW2. More than 1,000 artists, actors and sound experts were recruited by the U.S. Army to engage in tactical deception as it prepared to recapture territory from Germany following the Normandy landings in June 1944.They used decoys such as inflatable tanks & fake noises to draw Nazi soldiers into the wrong areas in the final months of the conflict. They were able to confuse Germans about the scale and position of allied forces and their ingenuity is credited with saving many lives among the 30,000 troops tasked with crossing the Rhine and moving into Nazi-held area.

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 6%    IBU: 60

Link Back: Ghost Army Whole Cone Hop IPA - Brewed In Calgary AB

Trident Juncture Norwegian Wild Session   (3.58/5)

Pale lager meets Norwegian wild ale. This clean, mysterious and mildly pink beer is balanced from hibiscus which nicely rounds the beer flavors to create an easy drinking, session. Named after; A NATO exercise in Norway under the name Trident Juncture. A trident is a three-pronged spear, normally used for spear fishing. And juncture is a word describing a specific time or place where things join or come together. According to its name, exercise Trident Juncture can be understood as a place where three parallel units meet or join.

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 4%    IBU: 20

Link Back: Trident Juncture Norwegian Wild Session - Brewed In Calgary AB

Night Fighter   (3.57/5)

During World War II, night fighters were either purpose-built fighter designs, or more commonly, heavy fighters or light bombers adapted for the mission often employing radar linked to ground installations to detect enemy formations. Many WW II night fighters also included instrument landing systems for landing at night, as turning on the runway lights made runways into an easy target for opposing intruders. The casualty rates of the night fighter pilots was exceptionally high due to the danger of operation blindly at night.

Style: Stout - Oatmeal

ABV: 4.3%    IBU: 21

Link Back: Night Fighter - Brewed In Calgary AB

Seawolf Summer Ale   (3.6/5)

Pleasant aroma, simple malt profile, mild citrus and grain flavor, minor bitterness, easy drinking.

Style: Pale Ale - American

ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 34

Link Back: Seawolf Summer Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

Shore Leave Summerwiezen Series   (3.55/5)

We have fun exploring what we can add to each Summerwiezen recipe. Named after; Shore leave is the leave that professional sailors get to spend on dry land. During the Age of Sail, shore leave was often abused by the members of the crew, who took it as a prime opportunity to drink in excess, indulge in other pleasures denied to them aboard the solely masculine ships, and desert.

Style: Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen

ABV: 6.3%    IBU: 20

Link Back: Shore Leave Summerwiezen Series - Brewed In Calgary AB

JTF2 ISA   (3.54/5)

(JTF2) Named after the Joint Task Force 2, an elite special operations force of the Canadian Armed Forces responsible for counter-terrorism. This Oat ISA is, clean, citrusy, soft mouthfeel with mild oat after tones.

Style: IPA - Session

ABV: 4.4%    IBU: 34

Link Back: JTF2 ISA - Brewed In Calgary AB

Operation Aubery French Farmhouse Ale   (3.62/5)

A bold saison with strong esters, banana and pepper notes. NAmed after the Battle of Port-en-Bessin also known as Operation Aubery which took place in a small fishing harbour west of Arromanches during the Normandy landings of World War II. 47 Royal Marine Commando captured PORT EN BESSIN in a stiff fight beginning about 1600 hours, 7 June 1944.

Style: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 20

Link Back: Operation Aubery French Farmhouse Ale - Brewed In Calgary AB

SACO Bazooka Pony Naked Oat Porter   (3.7/5)

This unique porter is low on chocolate and roast, but rich from darker malts and naked oats. Named after SACO established 70 meteorology stations throughout China, and relayed to the commander in chief of the Pacific. Located 400 miles north of Tokyo, Camp 4 could track weather patterns crossing central Asia to the Pacific sooner and more accurately than the Japanese. The 12 men stationed there created their own universe. In summer they rode naked on bareback Mongolian ponies, and in winter they wore sheepskin parkas. Making do with what they had, they fired bazookas mounted on the ponies’ backs at a line of Japanese armored trucks.

Style: Porter - Other

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 25

Link Back: SACO Bazooka Pony Naked Oat Porter - Brewed In Calgary AB

Damn the Torpedos   (3.72/5)

Old-school NW IPA, heavy body, floral.

Style: IPA - American

ABV: 7%    IBU: 70

Link Back: Damn the Torpedos - Brewed In Calgary AB

Codename Mailman   (3.34/5)

Hop forward wheat beer. Cloudy, citrusy, bitter.

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 50

Link Back: Codename Mailman - Brewed In Calgary AB

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