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Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewery

Your Community Brewpub - Born and Raised.
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About Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewery

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We believe a true craft brewery brings people together to celebrate milestones, sunshine, food, winter and of course, one another. 17th Avenue is iconic for just this reason; bringing people together in good times and bad.

In the early stages of our city, the area we all know as the Beltline was called the No.5 Trolley Line. It proudly carried all the hard working Calgarians that shaped our city into what it is today.

Our goal at Trolley 5 is to continue to bring the community together through great food, beer and friendship. We are dedicated to our craft and we can’t wait to share it.

Brews by Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewery (click a brew to toggle info)

Derailed Pale Ale


Our West Coast style Pale Ale is bold with notes of tropical fruit balanced perfectly with toasted malts

> 5.0% ABV

> 44 IBU

First Crush


Our White IPA gets its refreshing citrus flavours from orange peels and bright North American hops

> 6.2% ABV

> 36 IBU

Hey Porter


A style as classic as the Johnny Cash track itself. Our Porter is full-bodied and rich in flavor, with strong notes of coffee and chocolate and a creamy smooth finish

> 5.9% ABV

> 31 IBU

High Five


This copper coloured five-hop IPA delivers refreshing notes of exotic citrus, accompanied by a vibrant floral bouquet.

> 6.8% ABV

> 73 IBU

The Conductor


This lager is light copper in colour with a clean, toasty malt flavour, balanced by German hops. A beer so inviting, it has been known to encourage another one.

> 5% ABV

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  • Arm Knitted Infinity Scarves 1/30/2019 -19:00 to 21:30
    Too impatient for traditional knitting? Speed up the process by knitting yourself an entirely new scarf from scratch-to-finish in the length of a single workshop! Join us in creating chunky infinity scarves knitted sans needles to add a trendy touch to your winter apparel. We can't wait to get crafty (and maybe a little tipsy) enjoying everything Trolley 5 Brewpub has to offer!
    You will be prompted to choose your yarn colour when you register. Click here to see most of the colours you can choose from:

    We should probably also mention...
    We love making our events a collective night to remember, feel good and FUN! We start every event with a creative exercise and sprinkle some awesome giveaways throughout the night to keep you on your toes. But not only can you have a great time at our workshop, we now offer our attendees the chance to brighten the lives of other women in our province -
    Did you know Alberta has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in our country?
    We came across an amazing local non-profit called Sagesse that is working to provide a `blueprint for change` while offering resources for victims here at home. Sagesse is all about female empowerment, healing, learning and growing. They emphasize `leaning in to vulnerability` to work toward breaking the cycle of domestic violence and we couldn't think of an organization more aligned with our values. A portion of every ticket sold to will be donated to Sagesse to help support women of domestic violence here in Alberta.

    Hands-On is all about helping you make time to put down your phone and pick up a new skill & conversation while exploring your creativity. Make new friends in the YYC community or find time for connection with your current friends and family members. We do welcome older youth, so if you would like to make this a creative date night with your son or daughter, shoot us an email at info@handsonyyc.com.

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