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Outcast Brewing

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TrHopical Paradise   (3.95/5)

A delightful New England pale ale, dry hopped with a big dose of citra and mosaic hops. We also added the equivalent of 700lbs of apricot and passionfruit to 750L of beer to accentuate the flavour profile of the beer

Style: Pale Ale - New England

ABV: 6%    IBU: 20

Link Back: TrHopical Paradise - Brewed In Calgary AB

Rumplestoutskin 2019 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Ethiopian Yirgacheffe   (4.19/5)

Our delicious breakfast stout, this year's version was brewed with Modern Times Bourbon Barrel Aged Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans which we cold brewed and added prior to kegging

Style: Stout - Coffee

ABV: 6.5%    IBU: 30

Link Back: Rumplestoutskin 2019 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Brewed In Calgary AB

The Forgetful Brewer (2019)   (4.24/5)

We didn't forget anything this time, and we tweaked the recipe a bit while we were at it. The malt profile remained the same, but we tweaked the dry hop schedule a bit with the same delightful citra, simcoe and mosaic hops from last year which helped this beer with silver in the DIPA category at the Canadian Brewing Awards

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 8%    IBU: 40

Link Back: The Forgetful Brewer (2019) - Brewed In Calgary AB

Biggie   (3.96/5)

New England DIPA, dry hopped twice with Ariana and Huell Melon hops

Style: IPA - Imperial / Double New England

ABV: 8%    IBU: 30

Link Back: Biggie - Brewed In Calgary AB

Smalls   (4.02/5)

New England ISA, dry hopped twice with Ariana and Huell Melon hops

Style: IPA - New England

ABV: 4%    IBU: 30

Link Back: Smalls - Brewed In Calgary AB

Breakfast Stout (2019)   (4.2/5)

We took our delicious stout base beer and added loads of cold brewed dark roast coffee from one of America's top roasters- Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. Because no hearty Canadian breakfast doesn't include maple syrup, we added loads of it too.

Style: Stout - Coffee

ABV: 6.5%    IBU: 40

Link Back: Breakfast Stout (2019) - Brewed In Calgary AB

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