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Holiday Boys, BBQ, Bourbon, and Beers

2018 has been... well... it's been something.

The Blue Moon, the Olympics, that thing President Trump said, the 10.5 from Suits marrying the Royal Ginge, and some thing about Canada Bus becoming legal?


Lots of highlights from the greater globe at play - let's get together, battle for mic time, share some personal highlights, air some grievances, and reset the clock from the last time we all gathered.

I propose a holiday season get-together.

WHAT: Holiday Boys, BBQ, Bourbon, and Beers
WHERE: Belle 1919 4 St SW
WHEN: Thursday, December 13, Noon 'til close
WHY: Festive Get-Together
WHO: Please bring any notable omissions from my list

Idea behind the midday weekday date/time selection is for any Dads in the crew who might have a better chance at a lunch with scope-creep potential for afternoon drinks and beyond. Easier to explain to the boss than it is to the wife.

Please RSVP to this email by Thursday December 6 and I will confirm numbers for a reso.

Love All Ways, Always,

David Vincent Arthur Skabar I

Thursday, December 13, 2018

12:00 to 23:30

Venue: Belle Southern Kitchen + Bar Buy Tickets Here

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